In order to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business world, organizations must have a strong, cohesive digital strategic plan in place. As a Microsoft Global Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Windows Embedded/IoT distributor and Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Advantech utilizes its specialized industry expertise to help both Azure users and resellers. Drawing from hardware expertise, Advantech leverages Azure cloud services to provide solution-ready packages that guarantee its customers enjoy the best Azure user experience.

Advantech and Microsoft aim to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey by unifying business and technology architectures. They have developed a suite of complete solutions and services for the IoT era, focused on transforming business processes and operations that span the areas of hybrid cloud transformation, data, AI, IoT, business applications and workplace modernization. Through Advantech and Microsoft’s IoT solutions and Azure cloud services, businesses can be transformed quickly and easily, connecting intelligent devices, activating sorted data in the cloud and enjoying fast, customized analytic tools with Azure.

Advantech has two distribution programs set up with Microsoft – Windows Embedded IoT and Microsoft Azure. As an authorized Windows embedded IoT distributor, Advantech can sell standalone Windows licenses to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a valid contributor license agreement (CLA). With Windows Embedded IoT, Advantech’s customers can achieve “one window, global logistics and pricing” to streamline the license procurement process. Its wide product selection can meet customers’ unique requirements and provide comprehensive solutions, instead of valuable time being spent shopping the market—ultimately, saving time, total cost and development effort. Advantech has a dedicated embedded license team in the U.S. and eight other countries around the world to provide real-time support.

Advantech’s hardware includes a pre-built base image for different OS platforms. From Azure migration services and RMM solutions to IoT solution co-creation and Office365, Advantech is truly the one-stop-shop to building a complete IoT solution to meet any organization’s unique business needs. Additionally, Advantech is pleased to offer the following value-added services for its windows customers:

  • Technical and Licensing Consultation: Advantech has dedicated Windows engineers and licensing specialist with direct access to Microsoft support.
  • Buffer Stock Service: Based on the provided forecast, Advantech can prepare safety stock to minimize lead time.
  • CLA and Product Key Management: Advantech offers a hassle-free experience to assist customers in handling product key request forms with Microsoft and managing CLAs to optimize tier pricing and streamline cost management.
  • Windows OS Customization Service: Based on customers’ OS requirements and expectations, Advantech can create a custom OS image.
  • Azure Credit Rebate: If customers sign up under Advantech’s CSP, they will receive 10 hours of complimentary technical consultation and $4,000 in Azure credits which can be used towards their Azure bill.

Hardware, software, local applications and cloud services are all pre-integrated to support Advantech customers’ next great IoT idea. There is no shortcut to success in the IoT business; organizations need to stay laser-focused on their core competence. Advantech’s Microsoft solutions serve as a stepping stone to gaining a dominant competitive advantage, with a vision of the overall picture and clear targets.

Advantech is honored that Microsoft regards it as a premier Gold-level company that can provide hardware and software ODM design and manufacturing for the embedded computing world. Currently, Advantech is the only Gold-level Microsoft Embedded Partner in the ODM category. In the System Integrator category of Microsoft Embedded Partners, there are 58 partners worldwide, and Advantech shares Gold level billing with 12 other corporations. In the Independent Hardware Vendor category, there are 252 partners worldwide, but only 15 at the Gold level, with Advantech of course being one of them.

Advantech has many years under its belt developing Windows embedded systems, customized Windows embedded images and providing a full range of Windows embedded OS solutions. Furthermore, Advantech also supplies hands-on customer training in Windows embedded platform development. It continues to build on its strong base of expertise with Windows Embedded IoT and Microsoft Azure to unify business and technology architectures and accelerate digital transformation.

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